Recruitment Services

We understand that there is more to finding the right candidate than just matching skills and qualifications, we partner with our clients to place HR who will also fit into a company’s corporate culture and share its vision.

Our recruitment specialists go beyond industry standards and take pride in showing you only those candidates who match your stated requirements and also your company’s mission and culture thus saving you valuable time and contributing to “good” hires.

Our clientele is assured the peace of mind that their positions will be filled expeditiously with the most qualified professionals.


Training Services

Taking both individuals and corporate teams from “where they are to where they want to be” is our main focus. Our Trainers work closely with client organizations to link internal Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Human Resource needs to their strategic business plan.

Business and HR Consulting

Our experienced team of consultants from a cross section of industry demonstrate our constant improvement ideology. Their highly professional approach enables them to offer exceptional value and customized business solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.